Before & After Gallery

With over four decades of experience, we have helped patients with nearly every dental issue imaginable. When you visit us, we're able to draw from this experience and tailor treatment to reach your oral health and aesthetic goals. Here's a look at some of our patients' results.

Transformed Discolored Front Tooth

A broken central incisor had been bonded. We replaced it with a Procera all-ceramic crown that has a natural fit and color.

Porcelain Crown Matched to Natural Teeth

When an elderly patient came in with this broken porcelain on metal crown, Dr. Goldberg replaced it with a new all-porcelain crown that matches the natural teeth.

Crowns that are Life-like

The old opaque porcelain crown was replaced with a new Procera crown with life-like translucency.

Worn Teeth Restoration

Worn and spaced anterior teeth were transformed into a stunning smile with all-ceramic crowns.

Optimized Tooth Proportions

This patient underwent crown lengthening to optimize tooth proportions. Dr. Goldberg then bonded new laminates in place to complete a natural look.

Natural-Looking Bridges and Crowns

Dr. Perry Goldberg replaced old crowns and anterior bridgework with new all-ceramic bridges and crowns.

Improved Esthetics

Old worn partial denture was replacing missing front and back teeth, but was worn and had compromised esthetics. We replaced it with porcelain-fused-to-metal bridgework.

Restoration of Teeth Worn from Grinding/Clenching

Grinding and clenching teeth can result in severe wear and bite collapse, as was the case with this patient. Dr. Goldberg revitalized the look and function of this smile with new crowns.

Rehab of Worn and Missing Teeth

Crowns and a partial denture completely rehabilitated severe breakdown due to wear and missing teeth.

Any Smile Can Be Transformed

This patient suffered from severe wear and bite collapse from clenching and grinding. Dr. Goldberg created a custom-designed complete rehabilitation that included crown lengthening for a beautiful and healthy smile.

Treated Severe Tooth Wear

Anterior grinding resulted in severe tooth wear. With all-ceramic crowns and crown lengthening, Dr. Goldberg transformed damaged teeth into a natural-looking smile.

Restoration of Infected Teeth

Dr. Goldberg treated this patient who had failing bridgework on hopelessly infected teeth. The beautiful result is made possible by a metal-ceramic bridge that is supported by implants.

Natural-Looking Teeth Replacement

This patient came in with a missing tooth and an unattractive old crown. Dr. Goldberg filled the missing space with an implant-supported porcelain crown and refreshed the old crown with a new porcelain crown as well for a refreshed, natural look.

Replacement of Missing Teeth

A missing central incisor not only can be embarrassing, but also impairs the function of the mouth. Dr. Goldberg replaced it with a new porcelain crown implant. In the pictures you can see the implant abutment in place, ready to support the new crown.